Friday, June 13, 2014

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Ryan Bader who will be the winner of this match?

Returning to the stand-up collar, I think szklanoszczęki Bader will not want to go into to dance with Cavalcante in the plane, the first opportunity searching the ground floor. In a duel with Glover Teixeira entrusted in their fists and ended up on the stage, but in the next battle stretched out his conclusions from that - I do not expect that this time again he tried fencing fist, especially with opposite each knockout artist.
The question, therefore, whether Americans will be able to carry the fight to the ground? Let's look at defensive stocks Feijao:
• Pokrajac - 0/1
• Silva - 0/0
• Kyle - 0/0
• Romero - 0/6
• Henderson - 3/4
• Lawal - 2/6
Of course, the last three against the above list are the most valuable in the assessment of the Brazilian defensive wrestling, but you have to take the amendment that took place 2-3 years ago. Which was still in good form in the person of excellent wrestler Lawal had serious problems with subversion Raphael. Even more had their Olympian Yoel Romero Palacio, although it must be taken amendment, because until his last fight in the UFC against Brad Tavaresowi his offensive wrestling crazy not to do, to put it mildly. Finally, Henderson was able to successfully complete as many as three of the four takedowns - all from the clinch.
The question, therefore, whether Baderowi closer to Lawal and Romero in terms of inventory, or Dan Henderson? Well, Ryan rarely overturns the clinch, and if it is by a quick descent to the legs, which can not be said about effective against Cavalcante Hendersonie, which is derived from stocks in a classic style - in contrast to all the other three or Romero, Lawal and just Bader . When Henderson buttons buckle in the clinch, can (could) do wonders. I think Bader will have much bigger problems with importing Brazilian to the ground.
In conclusion, marginally higher estimate chances Cavalcante on Snip Bader than the latter to dominate Brazilian wrestling. In my opinion, however, there are two key unknowns about this duel, which are: physical fitness and stamina Cavalcante and psyche of both players.
American always comes to fight in great physical shape, we can be sure that it will be able to be fought three rounds at a decent level. How much during the labs put on weight Brazilian? How much time to devote to her he paced? How much is self-motivated, and has worked for training camp?
Both players fall short sometimes on the psyche. Feijao with Silva, while Bader with Teixeira and Machida. The challenge with the Dragon impatient Americans went to the frenzied attack, ending unconscious on the stage and in the aforementioned battle with Teixeira here too stójkowym entrusted to his skills, also losing by knockout. If a foul on Rafael Ryan slept the first few attempts takedowns, what to do then? Indulges in fencing with fists? And if the Brazilian lands a few times on the back - is softened, forgive?
Finally, put that Cavalcante at some point in the first round of the second latest find their way to the jaw brittle Bader, though with each passing minute chances of the latter - due to the better fit - will grow.

Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley who will win?

What must draw our attention in stójkowych battles Rory MacDonald outside the style set to minimize the risk and cost nokautowania scoring? Now, in the last two fights Canadian presented really a hole in the defensive. Fine excuse can be that measures of mańkutami (Lawler and Maia), but especially giving to hit the mechanical and slow Brazilian who then drove already on the last fumes, boasting ward Firas Zahabiego does not work.
How to stand up against MacDonald looks Woodley'a? Is the sooner he will share the fate of the helpless Penn and will be shot at a distance, or Ellenberger, afraid to shorten the distance, or rather the Chosen will play the role of Lawler that sooner or later catch a Canadian?
Tyron takes its Stójków buoys in the style a little bit similar to what is in the Octagon presents Hector Lombard, but with this difference, that - in contrast to the Cuban - not exert pressure on the rival. Well, the style Woodley'a based primarily on short but intense batches, which harnesses American heaviest guns, throwing combinations with full power and worst intentions. If the attack fails - read: the opponent is still standing - Woodley regenerate your energy bar is very slowly withdrawing and re waiting for his opportunity. Chosen at the time of withdrawal is relative certainty that the rest, because nobody is going to pounce on him with his fists - each one aware since realized that the challenge of ciężkorękim American one mistake can be fatal. Once Woodley therefore withdraws the same grid (forget about any departure from it, moving to the sides), it sets back the right foot at the net and waits until a rival approach a certain distance - then reflects from her infernal dynamics of moving to another batch (if you still have a lot of strength), overturn or clinch (when the forces are already less). In the meantime, pomęczy some rivals in the clinch, pokontroluje on the ground.
I think that this challenge MacDonald will be no less careful than in fights with other rivals dysponującymi strong blow - Jake Ellenberger and Robbie Lawler. I expect the festival blows simple as that kicks in the fight against Woodley'em will be a little more risky because of the threat of overthrow. Rory will remain attentive, especially when przypierał will rival the net - there Woodley because it derives its most acute attacks. The aim is to avoid Canadian them by moving to the side, not in the way he did it, Carlos Condit, backing up in a straight line. However, given the tattered guard Ares and jaw, which may not be poor, but the titanium will not be (as opposed to Conditowej, who took the heaviest blows Tyrone, shattering not to), it seems quite reasonable to question whether Canadians will guard the punches him? Josh Koscheck fooled and having Woodley'a on the net, inadvertently shortened the distance, which cost him his knock. Condit was wiser, in the same situation still remained attentive and yet still took a few juicy bombs on the jaw. Is MacDonald will fight even more carefully, taking into account that he is not a good counterpuncherem?
Not bad, but let us not be fooled by the statistics, according to which the Canadian arms takedowns with 88% efficiency. This result is heavily distorted by the defense is up 20 takedowns with 22, which tried against him feeble zapaśniczo (not including the clinch) Demian Maia. Ellenberger made one successful bringing in three attempts, Mike Pyle some time ago - two quarters.
I think MacDonald will most threaten the overthrow of the first and possibly the second round, when Woodley will be back in Baku lot of fuel. We must remember that the Canadian has never in his career has not faced the wrestler endowed with such dynamics. In the ground floor, however, expect the absolute chess - MacDonald on the back you can not do yourself any harm (when to get out from under Mai, then from Woodley'a give advice), and even Tyron probably will not be particularly aggressive in advance, lying on a Canadian and regenerating its energy bar.
A key factor in this duel may - but need not - be just the condition. Woodley had fallen in a duel with Condit, but at the end of the first round and in the second, however, he began to slow down. Do not judge me if Carlos odrobiłby loss of stamina due to their advantage, but it seems that cardio Woodley'a is strongly suspected. MacDonald should have an advantage in this respect, although it challenging Maia and with Lawler is not presented in this plane especially well. I think, however, that his superiority withstanding Chosen causes if this duel will last until the third round, a Canadian not come out to her all battered, it in advance you can save it on his account. The question is whether the last 5-minutówki this fight will last? And if it did, whether the first two on your account but will not save the black American?
If I had to predict the course of the fight, it wytypowałbym following scenarios (the most likely):
• Woodley wins the first round by a single batches of, klinczowi and obaleniom. In the second falls from power, but still gives advice to convince the judges. The third loses, but throughout the fight turns out to be better in the eyes of the judges, winning two rounds.
• Woodley wins the first round (as above), but in the second weakens so that the judges as the winner of seeing Canadian. The third is a formality - Ares is the better and wins the duel.
• Woodley by knockout in the first round of MacDonald's one of the batches.
In my view, the differences between the probability of occurrence of these three scenarios are very small, so no one will, I'll be picking jaw off the floor. According to them, put that Woodley will not be able to knock out a careful MacDonald, yet wise management of limited resources kondycyjnymi let him win the first two rounds, and consequently the whole duel.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

UFC 174 is comming!

Certainly each of us is looking forward to June 14, because then it will be a gala UFC 174 in Vancouver. As always, so this time the UFC stewards prepared for us a really interesting head that do not run out of stars MMA. Demetrious Jhonson face of Ali Bagautinovem and rate this duel will flyweight championship belt / We believe, however, that it Jhonson win this duel. UFC 174 could also miss Rory MacDonald who will fight with Tyrone Woodley. In addition to these struggles the other also promises to be very interesting. It should also be noted that all the fights take place in a cage, which is the standard for the UFC gal. All fights will be seen also in television and Internet access after the purchase that will cost tens of dollars. But it is worth to spend the money, because the emotions that await us at UFC 174 certainly compensate us. Follow our blog and keep up with all the information concerning the upcoming gala!