Friday, June 13, 2014

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Ryan Bader who will be the winner of this match?

Returning to the stand-up collar, I think szklanoszczęki Bader will not want to go into to dance with Cavalcante in the plane, the first opportunity searching the ground floor. In a duel with Glover Teixeira entrusted in their fists and ended up on the stage, but in the next battle stretched out his conclusions from that - I do not expect that this time again he tried fencing fist, especially with opposite each knockout artist.
The question, therefore, whether Americans will be able to carry the fight to the ground? Let's look at defensive stocks Feijao:
• Pokrajac - 0/1
• Silva - 0/0
• Kyle - 0/0
• Romero - 0/6
• Henderson - 3/4
• Lawal - 2/6
Of course, the last three against the above list are the most valuable in the assessment of the Brazilian defensive wrestling, but you have to take the amendment that took place 2-3 years ago. Which was still in good form in the person of excellent wrestler Lawal had serious problems with subversion Raphael. Even more had their Olympian Yoel Romero Palacio, although it must be taken amendment, because until his last fight in the UFC against Brad Tavaresowi his offensive wrestling crazy not to do, to put it mildly. Finally, Henderson was able to successfully complete as many as three of the four takedowns - all from the clinch.
The question, therefore, whether Baderowi closer to Lawal and Romero in terms of inventory, or Dan Henderson? Well, Ryan rarely overturns the clinch, and if it is by a quick descent to the legs, which can not be said about effective against Cavalcante Hendersonie, which is derived from stocks in a classic style - in contrast to all the other three or Romero, Lawal and just Bader . When Henderson buttons buckle in the clinch, can (could) do wonders. I think Bader will have much bigger problems with importing Brazilian to the ground.
In conclusion, marginally higher estimate chances Cavalcante on Snip Bader than the latter to dominate Brazilian wrestling. In my opinion, however, there are two key unknowns about this duel, which are: physical fitness and stamina Cavalcante and psyche of both players.
American always comes to fight in great physical shape, we can be sure that it will be able to be fought three rounds at a decent level. How much during the labs put on weight Brazilian? How much time to devote to her he paced? How much is self-motivated, and has worked for training camp?
Both players fall short sometimes on the psyche. Feijao with Silva, while Bader with Teixeira and Machida. The challenge with the Dragon impatient Americans went to the frenzied attack, ending unconscious on the stage and in the aforementioned battle with Teixeira here too stójkowym entrusted to his skills, also losing by knockout. If a foul on Rafael Ryan slept the first few attempts takedowns, what to do then? Indulges in fencing with fists? And if the Brazilian lands a few times on the back - is softened, forgive?
Finally, put that Cavalcante at some point in the first round of the second latest find their way to the jaw brittle Bader, though with each passing minute chances of the latter - due to the better fit - will grow.

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